ätmaviċäram – Life, spirituality and more …

Traditionally, Indian system believed in samvadam or dialogue. Every question has an answer embedded in it. The answer rises out of the question as in the churning of the ocean or the Samudra-Manthan as it is called in Indian mythology and then it is seen as a solution to the problem. Each word in this book was a result of discussions with friends, family, dear and near. The reason for each chapter also was churned out from those talks. The knowledge which was given to me through interviews, discussions, books, discourses and many other direct and indirect ways has always made me think.

You will find a series of repetitions or reiterations in the book. That is just an afterthought I bear, that I join the reader in this search for answers in spirituality. The journey is along with you and I am just pointing at things which I have seen. You might have seen more and may be more knowledgeable. Then this book would just be a series of questions for you or a do-it-yourself kit for your life and spirituality. I do not claim that this work is the ultimate solutions to all questions in spirituality or life, but surely it can give you a few questions which can spark of a new journey towards the spiritual destination. Whether you need it in your life, remains your choice and free will.

Kris Iyer