All you need is a bag of smiles

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Books for kids are in plenty and with the advent of apps and social media, the options are myriad. But what we are missing out in the next generation is the art of storytelling with a way to guide children in how to narrate and how to enjoy its benefits. The book “All you need is a bag of smiles…” is designed for kids and has 12 virtue based stories in it, which will expose them to the art of storytelling with a difference.

A dozen fresh new stories just for kids blending in prose and poetry alike in a simple way. The book is to have a digital interface with 12 narrated stories like an audio book available on the website and 12 tracks with background score for the kids to read along in style rekindling the art of storytelling. Each chapter would have a work page where the kids can draw about what they read.

The USP of the book is that this is a little more than just another story book. It promotes the art of storytelling with right way to pronounce, intonate and modulate English in the proper manner and improve their language and act as an edutainment tool. The book promotes reading, creativity and the stories are free of any bias and are universal.