All you need is Love

All you need is Love …

The feeling of love and being loved is always beautiful, and love in itself is an emotion so dear to all, expressed or not. Some hold it close to their heart and live a life with those moments showered on them. Some unaware move on searching for something else in life. All you need is love is a journey of love in the lives of Ram and Saranga.

Seeming success sometimes means nothing the next moment and the fall might prove a stepping stone to a pinnacle. Ram’s life and his burnt letters held back a lot that his heart wanted to tell Saranga… Did Saranga have something to tell Ram. Is college time the best time for love or is there a better time in life… is it too early or too late… Love and life leaves such questions unanswered to many of us. But one thing is sure… “All you need is love”

All You Need Is Love: From the Ashes … a Few Pages Left

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