All you need is a Hug

All You need is a hug …

“All you need is a hug” is a collection of excerpts from Kannan’s life for you to read, with all its stark intricacies and subtle straightforwardness. Some moments sparkled with dainty smiles and some moist with a few drops of tears. From his childhood to his grand child’s birth there are moments when love hugged him or fate did. Naughty moments that remains a tickle in the memories and realizations which many never have in life goes to make each story special… a special leaf from the book called life.

Many shades of Kannan’s life have been borrowed from the color palette of the author’s life too. A journey of life in bits and pieces, but would give you a clear picture of a person’s life, who did not know that “All he needed was a hug”. It wouldn’t be surprising if you feel you have met Kannan in your life or around you, somewhere, at some point in time…. Or if you meet him ever again… just give him a hug.

All You Need Is a Hug: The Wonders of Love

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