Adv Dr. Kriss Venugopal

Born on 4th October 1975 to AK Venugopalan and R Bhagialakshmi, Kriss holds a first-class degree B. Tech in Civil Engineering from the College of Engineering Trivandrum. He also has to his credit a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Protection Management. Away from the earned professional degree, he chose to be on Radio for 11 years and is a voice artist and voice coach to date.

He has his Masters in Applied Psychology and is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has been a Radio jock, a TV presenter and an actor, having done over a dozen serials and movies in Tamil and Malayalam, Kriss also has been a Marketing Professional, Computer Hardware Trainer, Software Programmer, Web Designer, Systems Manager, Adjunct Lecturer at Amity University, a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression.

An avid YouTuber, his love for movies has made him a short film writer and has won the distinction of being One of the 100 best authors in India, twice. He is the winner of the Rising Star Award from Hubooktique Publishing, the Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award and Bharat Gaurav Ratan Shree Samman Award for his writing. He has won the Best Male jock award as a Radio jock during his radio life. From Spirituality to fiction, his writing has been taking strides along with his thoughts through his 60-odd books in four languages.

Being a poet writing in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and English, he is presently working on the lyrical translation of the Srimad Bhagavath Gita entitled “God Spoke Thus”. Currently, he continues his passion for writing through more books and anthologies, and the quest for knowledge and love for people has led him to pursue a degree in law – LLB from The Law Academy Law College, Thiruvananthapuram, and currently pursuing his Master in Law – LLM specializing in Dispute Resolution. He is a Certified Cyber Crime Intervention Officer. He loves being a mentor to kids, and a painter too.

Over two decades in Media, Kriss Venugopal (Kris Iyer), has expertise in Radio, Television, Stage, Scripting, Acting, and more. As a Jock and Programming Head in three languages, Radio has been his driving force for over 11 years. Web, Design, Branding, Voice training, and copy-writing kindle the fire in him.

Though he has been an actor in serials, movies, and short films which came his way, Kriss still waits for the right character to bring out the best in him. Looking forward to focusing on acting as a career, other than being a Media & Event Consultant in Dubai and a Voice Coach / Artist.

Currently pursuing a degree in Law, he is a Graduate in Civil Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Protection Management, a Diploma in Computer Applications, and a Master’s in Applied Psychology, a student of Transactional Analysis, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

He sees a lacuna in actors who would fit into middle age characters in South Indian Cinema and prefers to give the best to bring out of the roles and in him. His aptitude to handle different languages with ease in its natural spoken style would be an added advantage in being a Voice Artist, Actor, and Dubbing professional.

(His looks and tall stature (6’3”) would make the characters stand out well.  Being a voice coach/artist, and a dubbing artist, he is adept at dubbing in different languages and accents, to suit the character.

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