Mind your words…

The mind has been under study from time immemorial and yet there is no definition or a definite position for a human mind. If you touch the head, you are pointing to the brain which just processes the thoughts and mostly about 10% of its activities are known to man, the rest still to be uncovered. If you touch the heart and say it is the mind, sorry! you are touching a blood pump in our body and has no feelings. The mind is known to have been the reason for all the success and failures in life for many. I would like to touch one aspect of the mind which is proven to work, be it as enunciated by Rhonda Byrne in The Secret or The Bhagavath Geeta.

The dictum from Bhagavath Geeta “Udhared aatman aatmaanam natmaanam avasadhayeth aatmaivahi atmano bandhur aatmaiva ripuratmanaha” states that the rise and fall of a person are because of his mind alone and you yourself could be your best friend or your worst enemy. If mind is such an important factor in life then we should know one more secret, as suggested by Rhonda Byrne and followed by many. That’s about the words…

Your thoughts become words, and words your action. In which case, you should know what our mind assimilates and how it works. It is strange but true that our mind cannot understand anything negative, call it the makeup of the mind by Him or the basic nature of the Human mind. Our mind cannot understand the words like “Not” No” “Don’t” and such similar additions we make to an activity. Though confusing, it is better to understand it … earlier the better.

When you say “I don’t want to be poor” our mind actually programs our life to become poor… as it doesn’t take the word “Don’t”. Instead we need to reiterate “I want to be rich” which takes you towards financial success. The statement “I don’t want you to leave me” actually translates in the mind to “I want you to leave me” as the negative words are not taken in by the mind. Instead the statement should have been “Be with me forever”, which at least programs our mind for a long lasting relation. “I don’t want to see him” actually spreads out a wish from the mind to the nature “I wish to see him” and the person whom you are trying to avoid would eventually pop up in front of you”. Such is the mind.

If you closely follow The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, you can understand the reason why they want us to think of financial freedom than the bills and loans. The more we think of negatives it attracts the negatives to our life. So let’s make a change today and say or think only what we want and not what we do not want in life. Affirmations as suggested in Theta Healing or in Hypnotherapy points to the positives being fed into a mind. Release the emotions and vent your negatives to prepare changing your lives. Say what you want and not what you don’t.

Think of visiting a restaurant with your dear and near ones. If you say “I don’t want Burger” does not help, instead you would have to say “I would like to have a sandwich or a chopsuey”. Start the change today and see things change at the earliest. Believe in yourself, as the time tested text The Bhagavad Geeta, points to the strength of the mind… your self…. So be the change and see the change…

“Its only words and words are all I have… to take your heart away”… and I remembered this song as the words matter a lot in this world. A few words of love and care can change the scenario… So I would like to say … “Stay Blessed”

– Kriss Venugopal

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