Trance… a review

Is it true to see that the seeds of a tree will bear the same kind…? I think that is what you feel when you see the son of a story teller, telling stories with his story telling eyes. Yes, I am talking about the trance a person is taken into when he watches “Trance”. Is it the same Fahadh Fazil, who was scorned and mocked at with “Kai Ethum Doorath”, and seen transform with Akam, Red Wine and Bangalore days… This movie has Fahadh at his best. The eyes and its glassiness will keep you on the edge of the seat. The energy will blow your minds and his acting will make you say… if only a little earlier for Malayalam movies, “If it had (Fahd) Fazil.

When technicians come together with a story in mind and hire the best of the best, this is what the result would be. A movie advised only for above 15 and parental discretion is advised as a fore note. Year 2020 has given us great movies in the first quarter itself. Some star lovers have called this movie “half baked” and “dragging in the second half” … so on and so forth. But when it comes to the style of storytelling, I would rate Trance to be a forerunner for many more stylish movies to follow.

From a man who donned the Director’s hat for movies like Rajamanikyam, Chotta Mumbai, Annan Thambi, Unni. R’s “Bridge” in Kerala Cafe, Ustad Hotel, “Aamy” in Anchu Sundharikal, this movie is a head turner. For a movie buff, this would be a sure attraction and adoration towards the daring attempt by a director with a sensitive topic. Kudos to the director for his work and style coupled with the seamless excellence in Cinematography by Amal Neerad.

Three years of hard work has paid off well as a stylish flick. Fahadh Faasil tops the list of attraction for this movie as Viju Prasad and Pastor Joshua Carlton. Nazriya Nazim who would be better off as a bubbly little girl doesn’t leave much impact as Esther Lopez. What Gautham Menon performed as Solomon, would make us believe that no one else could do it better. Soubin Shahir steals the show for a while as Mathaai. What more can you expect from an actor who carried Ambili on his shoulders well. Vinayakan is sure to shake you with his appearance as Thomaskutty, a devout believer and loving father. Chemban Vinod Jose as Isaac, will not make you think back of Jallikattu for sure. Dileesh Pothan as Avarachan, is the cherry on the cake and he too fill your minds when you leave the theatre. Sreenath Bhasi or Kunjan has a kunjan role but sure a very important one. Jinu Joseph from what he was in Ustaad Hotel to Anchaam pathira, here too as the Doctor, he has surely performed well. I see the trust Anwar Rasheed has in him. Srinda though a small part, has done it well, so that you carry a piece from her performance, back home. Dharmajan Bolgatty too deserves a mention when we talk about the different units of this film.

How a business is run is not the question here, but who and why are two questions which will travel with you after you watch the movie. I would rate it as a bold attempt to prove a person’s mettle. I wish every actor gets a chance to perform in movies such as this, where they can contribute the best. There was once a golden era of Malayalam cinema after the dark ages of matinee flicks. I feel Malayalam movies is on a comeback journey. I would like to hear from you what you bring home after you watch the movie and come back… Thanks to Vincent Vadakkan for the brilliance in writing and Rasool Pookkutty the maestro in sound scaping for sound perfection in the picture perfect film.

Trance… short for transcendental or is it a trance which it takes you to…. Question remains unanswered.

  • Kriss Venugopal

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