Who am I ?

I plead to accept me as who I am,
If not, one you see is not who I am;
Some want me slim some a trim,
Some, to see me proper & prim.

A few would like to see me formal,
Some feel I should be more normal;
Couple of them liked my beard long,
Some like me to sing a mellow song.

Doctors tell me to watch my diet
And friends to skip the said diet;
Some say greens bring glow to me
Some make fun of the me in me.

I try to see the smiles so I change,
Till there is nothing left in me to change.
But is it me who is living my life today
I still retain the christened name so to say.

But I feel lost since the day I heard spells
Someone asked me to be someone else;
I went on changing myself to live peace
I don’t know or see myself today with ease.

– Krishna Iyer

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